Learn The Secrets To Selling Almost Anything To Anybody At Anytime
Sales Are The "Life-Blood" Of Any Business And Mastering It Should Be The #1 Priority Of Every Business Owner...
...Because Without It...Your Business Will Die!


Cody Butler here, and over the past 3 years, I've personally conducted over 1000 sales calls with prospects, with an average close rate of 72%.

I know if somebody gets on the phone with me, there's a VERY GOOD CHANCE they're going to become a client!


Because I follow a winning Sales Call formula that allows me to close 100% of "Closeable Prospects", 100% of the time...

...And you can do the same.

Because here's something a lot of people don't know about me, and I don't share it very often...

...In 2013, I was actually FIRED from a "Commission Only" sales position!

That's pretty bad, to get fired from a job that has ZERO wages!

So here's something I do know for a fact...

Sales is a very learnable skill, and no matter how good...Or bad you are...And I was bad...You can improve with the right system.

Today, I have my own sales team, so not only do I need to be great at sales myself...I have to have a system I can hand to anybody and have them start getting results virtually immediately.

This is FAST...You Only Need A Handful Of Key Skills

Sales, like everything follows the 80/20 rule...Meaning 80% of the results comes from 20% of the effort.

That means you only need to focus on a few key skills and your results can easily increase by 200%, 500%, even 1000%+...Overnight!

What are those skills?

#1 You MUST Be ABLE To Handle Objections With Ease
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When it comes to handling objections, I use my "Objection Handling Playbook" everytime.

If you don't know how to effectively bypass objections with finesse and skill...You're dead in the water.

On almost every single call I do, the prospect will pose objections, and if you can't handle those objections masterfully...You're just not getting the sale.

The good news is that there are really ONLY 7 OBJECTIONS YOU'LL EVER HEAR...

If you're in sales no doubt you can relate to these...

1. I Can't Afford It Right Now

This is the most common objection and you're going to hear it a lot!  This, like all the objections I'm going to share is EASY to get past with our "Objection Handling Scripts".

2. I'm Not Ready

“I have to get some things handled first, then I will be ready.” “I am just not sure I can commit to this right now.”

3. I'm Unsure of The Value

“I am not sure this is for me.” “I am not convinced this will really help me.” “I feel like should be able to do it on my own.”

4. I Need To Check with Third Party

“I want to talk about it with my spouse first.” “I need to run this by my business partner.”

5. I Need To Think About it

“I am not sure right now; I need to think about it.” “I take time to make decisions. Let me sleep on it.”

6. I'm Interview Other (Business)s

“I would like to speak to some other (Business)s.”

7. Now Is Not Time Right Now

“My plate is full. I cannot take anything else on at this time.” “I am not sure I have time for this.”

To put it plainly...You MUST have a SCRIPT, ON YOUR DESK, in front of you while you're doing the call or else you risk losing CLOSEABLE DEALS!

I provide my sales people with my "Objection Buster Scripts", which provides word for word,  scripts to deal with each of the 7 objections.

And now...

I'm making it available to you too!

You simple never need to be shut down by an objection on a call ever again.

Simply follow the 3-Step Process that NEVER FAILS and you'll be moving through the objections like a pro :)


#2. Calls/Presentations Need To Follow A Structured Format

You don't need a "Word-For-Word" script to follow, per se.  They can sound robotic and unnatural.

But you do need to follow a very structured format, where the call moves in sections and each section has a "MILESTONE" which must be hit before moving on to the next.

You MUST know what those section and milestones are...Because if you don't...Your results will be very "Hit and Miss" and more MISS than HIT!

I provide a "Guide Script" that guides you through each sections and makes your you're hitting your milestones.

One you've got the format...

Sales Becomes A Logical, Structured Process...

In other words...It's EASY!

You don't need to worry about what you're going to say or how the call is going to go because every call follows the EXACT SAME FORMULA...

You know what you're going to say.

You know when you're going to say it.

You know how to move past objections.

And it's not some big mystery as to how to get the sale...It's a FORMULA!

I've Put The Entire Formula, Structure, And Objection Guide Into "Sales Calls That Sell"...
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