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7 Figure Earner And Success Coach To Elite Performers

Cody Butler is a world-renowned success coach, human behaviour expert, author, entrepreneur, and international speaker.

Cody Butler is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Got Attitude” and "Cut The B.S - A No Nonse Guide To Happiness”.

He’s been featured on Fox, ABC and NBC and has consulted for multinational corporations, sporting stars and celebrities.

To date, Cody’s helped over 5000 professional men achieve TRANSFORMATIONAL, life changing breakthrough

My Name Is Cody Butler...Please To Meet You :)

Before you even think about trusting me...Let me share a few things about myself...

Back in 2005 I was a very unhappy person, severely depressed, broke, and broken to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed for days at a time.

Suffering from chronic anxiety...And totally lost.

I’d been in a series of painfully failed relationships, a series of failed businesses and to top it all off...I drank too much, too often!

6 months later...I was unrecognisable as a person, enthusiastic about life, positive, excited and happy :)

I was in a successful relationship (who is my wife today), in my dream career, finances in the process of being healed, and generally “Loving Life” again.

...And all of this took place without the use of a single pharmaceutical.

People around couldn’t believe the changes they were seeing before their very eyes!

Not only that, my income had increased by almost 20X in a 12 month period!

What had happened?

A few months earlier, a house mate who lived with me had seen the state I had fallen into and out of concern…

She brought to me a book...

...It was a “Self-Help” book, and was my first introduction to the concept that “JUST MAYBE, ”I’m causing my own pain through my poor choice of thoughts.

Over the next 6 months I read over 100 books on the topics of “Personal Development”, “Confidence”. “Self Improvement”, and the idea that it’s my thoughts that are causing my depression, anxiety, unhappiness and general lack of performance in life.

I hired coaches, went to seminars, got involved with my local Church...

I realised…

You Don’t Have To Suffer...It’s A Choice!

I started to study “Relationships”, “Health”, “Wealth”...I wanted to experience everything life had to offer…

...And all of the classical works...The religious book, the best coaches in the world all said the same thing.

Take Control Of Your Thoughts And You Take Control Of Your Destiny…

I could see the vast majority of people around me were also suffering, and I felt a deep need to help them…

That’s when I wrote my first book…”Cut The B.S, A No Nonsense Guide To Happiness”...

I had documented everything I’d done to literally pull myself out of hell, and I could summarize those steps logically in a way ANYBODY could follow.

People loved it!

I quickly turned that into a hobby business called “Dream-Life-Coaching” (which is still online today)!  

That was around 2007...Wow, so long ago now!

At the time I was working as a full time Marketing Consultant...

That’s how I paid my bills...

And part of was helping business owners figure out what was holding them back from success .

During those sessions, Business Owners and Professionals would open up to me, and we’d start to talk about the problems they were facing.

I’d share with them how to manage their thoughts to control anxiety, depression, "Workaholism" and a bunch of other challenges Professional face...


I could see lives being changed, literally before my very eyes.

Over the next few years I worked with literally 100’s of business owners.

..And this is what I really learned from that experience…

Misery Is A Formula...

Nobody has any difficulty believing me when I said "I have the formula To Make You Throughly Miserable In The Next 8-Weeks!".

Easy right...

Behave badly at home...

Piss off everybody at work...

Be reckless with you finances...

The list goes on...It's a formula for MISERY that works 100% of the time...For 100% of the people to follow it!

Success, Wealth, And Happiness Follow The Same UNFAILING Principle!

Just like becoming miserable...Happiness, Peace, Joy, and Fullfilment have a formula, and, if you follow it...It cannot fail!

You Can Be Wealth, Healthy, And Happy Living A Great Life...If You Want too.

Some Of Our Success Stories

Mike Schnider

"This is a wonderful program with solid advice that works. This has made all the difference in my life. Thank you Cody for such a positive message in the world. I applaud you!" 

Golf Pengthong

"Cody Butler is the man of his words. Rarely you find people who can deliver what they promised.  If you get an opportunity to work with Cody, you do it fast! I highly highly highly recommend him."

Jake Boxer

"You have all the right stuff! Thanks for reminding me of what I need to do" 

Andy Brockman

"I love the way you tell it like it is, no airy fairy hippy bull s**t here" 

What Is "The Victorious Man"?

“The Victorious Man” is a counterintuitive approach to helping MEN develop the skills needed to sucessfully create WEALTH, HEALTH, and HAPPINESS, providing the skills needed to excel in every, and any area of life.

Happiness, Love, Relationships, Careers, Fulfilment, Success, Joy, Peace, Finanial Freedom…The list goes on…

Unfortunately…These are not the experiences that just show up by accident, nor, as I’m sure your personal experience will confirm, are they default settings.

These “Qualities Of Life” show up by design, by making concious decisions to experience them, and then taking the necessary steps required to achieve them.

“THE VICTORIOUS MAN ACADEMY” is an inovative and propritary program, designed to give you the “Success Skills” needed, that are simply absent from the life today that allow you to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM ANY, and EVERY area of YOUR LIFE.

Large Call to Action Headline

“The Victorious Man” Is A Shortcut To Your Happiness

  • The “GO IT ALONE” Path…Also known as TRIAL AND ERROR.
  • Follow A Proven “SUCCESS PATH”, Many Others Have Already Safely Mapped Out.

Sure, you can read some books, maybe take some classes, etc. But time is NOT our friend here.

Every day that goes by is a day wasted that can never be recovered.

If the NEXT 20 years of your life, MUST be different to the last...Here's the good news...

You're Only One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life

Here Are Just A Few Of The Skills You'll Learn...

  • What's holding you back from achieving the Wealth and Success you desire, and how to fix it...
  • How to gain Clarity, Focus, and Purpose in your life again...
  • Why people less talented, and less capable than you are achieving more...And how to claim what's yours.
  • How to completely REWIRE your brain to a "MONEY CONCIOUSNESS" that creates Wealth on AUTOPILOT...

I just want to congratulate on reading this page as a first step to help yourself live the life you know they can and deserve.

But here’s the thing…

I’m sure you’re ready to see positive change in your life…But…

For things to change, YOU have to change!

Sound silly right?

But look…You can’t keep doing the things you’ve always done, and expect things just to change for the better.

That’s madness!

Things will change, for sure, but usually for the worse!

It’s like a garden…If you don’t tend to it, it will become more and more overgrown with weeds, and harder and harder to correct.

That’s the change that happens automatically, all by itself.

Hoping things improve is not a strategy for success.


Do you want that kind of random, degenerative change to show up in your life, your home, your business?


Would you prefer cultivated, purposeful, deliberate change to show up?

It’s up to you right!

It’s a choice you’re going to make one way or another.

You either take control and start making conscious choices…


Just get whatever shows up!

I like to think of it like the old proverb…

“When Is The Best Time To Plant A Tree?”.

20 Years Ago…

“When Is The Next Best Time?”.


My point is…

The past doesn’t matter, all that matters is WHAT YOU DO NOW!

So here’s the good news 🙂

Your can see MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT quickly…

But here’s bad news…

It’s not going to happen by itself!

And let’s be honest (because that’s the secret sauce to change)…

If it hasn’t happened by now…What’s going to change to make it happen in the future?

So I’ve 3 questions for you…

1. If you’re in the same place you are right now, (or worse) this time next year, or in 5 years…Are you OK with that?

2. What’s going to happen if you are in the same place?

3. What’s your plan to change that?

Because we specialize in making sure you’re in a much better place.

We work with your Business Owners, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals to create that plan and get them excited about their future.

We have the skills and over 10 years of experience in helping MEN.

You don’t have very long to figure this stuff out, every day counts!

So I’d love to share with you some info I know you’ll find helpful, and invite you to speak with us about what you can do to start living the potential you know you have.

"Keep up the good work, I found your mentorship empowering and positive, I look forward to following you in the future" - Jasso Sellwood

Many of The Problems Men Face Today Could Easily Be Avoided If The Issues Were Addressed Early Enough...
  • Unhappiness
  • Broken Relationsips
  • Struggling Financially
  • ​Stress
  • ​Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Lack of Self-Control
  • ​Poor Health
  • Violence

Sometimes all it takes to change your direction is to just talk to somebody.

Sounds simple right?

That's why I'm offering a call with a Success Coach.

Take advantage NOW...While you still have time!

It's Time Master WEALTH, HEALTH, And RELATIONSHIPS Once And For All...And Move From CHAOS to CONTROL.

Schedule A Call With Us Now To Learn More About The "Victorious Man" Process...And To Find Out If It's Right For You...

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